“TAALMANI”- Pt. Manmohan Kumbhare


Born in 1962, Manmohan Kumbhare was attracted towards sangeet since his childhood, the effect of which he was initiated by his father shri. Narayanrao Kumbhare and uncle Late Pandurangji Kumbhare, the then well-known Tabla Player of Chandrapur(Maharashtra) of his time.

In his tabla performance, the audience experience the pecularity of tabla-vadan where the rules and disciplines of certain Gharanas have been strictly followed. Besides, obviousness of “Notes” sharp touch, melodious touch and depth of the notes with special impression are clearly indicated in his performance.

Manmohan accompanies Vocal, Instruments and Dance with special melody that attracts the heart of audience. Again he pours the skill in accompaniment of light vocal and instrumental music which is rarely found.

His Guru

Being“Gandabandh Shagird”, Manmohan took further education of tabla from Tabla-Vibhushan USTAD BABASAHEB MIRAJKAR, the fevourite disciple of Late USTAD AMIR HUSSAIN KHANSAHEB the “KHALIFA” of Delhi gharana for the last eighteen years. He grasped traditional “BAAZ” of Delhi Gharana as well as Fahrukkhabad and Ajarada Gharana in detail.Being Nritya Vishard, Ustad Babasaheb has given him the knowledge of tabla accomapaniment to “Katthak” and “Bharatnatyam” Nritya.

Later on he became a “Gandabandh shagird” of world famous tabla maestro Ustad ALLA RAKHA KHANSAHEB of Punjab Gharana. He could receive the “Talim” of tabla for about five years.

Manmohan Kumbhare is also interested in Singing. At the age of thirteen years, he achieved the lessons of Classical & Light Vocal Music from Well-Known vocalist Shri Muralidhar Pawar (Chandrapur) for about Six years – 1973 to 1978.